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We supply the industry with tailor made laundry solutions to suit requirements and within the allocated budget. We are aware of the customers need for hygiene and cost efficiency.

We supply launderettes and dry cleaners, linen companies and industrial laundries throughout Ireland. Highest quality components and raw material in the manufacturing process ensure a long life span and safe investment.

Example 1

210 kg/day laundry

Washers: 2x FX105, 1x FX180
Dryers:   1x DX13, 1x DX25
Ironing: 1x Ambria


Example 2

Laundry as example 1 + dry cleaning

Dry Cleaning machine:   Ilsa Mec Vantage 240 / 3 tank
Finishing Equipment:  Spotting table GB S 88 C
Presser P88

Example 3

Cleaning Company – 100kg per day

One of the essentials for the successful operation of your cleaning service is laundry equipment. Increasing demands on hygiene and efficiency in floor cleaning, for example, require innovative and high-performance laundry products. Please see below for an example of the required equipment for cleaning mops & cloths.

Click HERE to see our brochure.

Washers: 2x FX105
Dryers:   1x DX13

Example 4

Industrial Laundry – 320 kg/shift – Laundry for bed linen, towels and body linen for residents and small businesses, restaurants and guesthouses

Washers: 1x FX240, 1x FX180,
1x FX105, 1x SC65
Dryers:   1x DX16, 1x DX25
Ironers: 1x I 33 200
1x Ambria