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We supply the healthcare industry with tailor made laundry solutions to suit requirements and within the allocated budget. We are aware of the customers need for hygiene and cost efficiency.

Hospitals and Clinics solve problems with washing of contaminated linen according to highest hygienic standards and regulations. We have a full range of front loading washers or depending on the requirements of your nursing home, we offer barrier washers in order to simplify and to optimize the setting up of your laundry offering the best protection for employees, patients and the best prevention for the spreading of micro-organism and superbugs. Highest quality components and raw material in the manufacturing process ensure a long life span and safe investment.

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Example 1:
50 beds, mobile and disabled residents 100 kg/day

Washers: 2x FX105
Dryers:   2x T9
Ironers: 1x I30-160
Ironing:  1x Ambria

Example 2:
100 beds 10 working hours 580 kg/day (with barrier machines/option for clean & soiled side)

Washers: 1x MB26, 2x FXB180
Dryers:   1x T16
Ironers: 1x I 50-250
Ironing:  1x PM98, 1x Majestic Combi  

Example 3:
300 beds 680 kg/day  (with barrier machines/option for clean & soiled side)

Washers: 2x MB44, 1x MB26, 2x FX105, 2x SP10
Dryers:   1x T35, 1x T13/13
Ironers: 1x IFF 50-250, 1x I33-160

Cleaning CompaniesPlease see commercial and industrial for industrial cleaning in a healthcare facility.