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To solve your problem with the washing of linen, battle dress, uniforms at your military base or equipped mobile container laundry for the field, please feel free to contact us as we are experts in supply of requirements of military bases, already supplying laundry equipment to many barracks throughout Ireland.

Referential Example:

240 kg/day

Washers: 5x RX80
Dryers:   5x DX11


If you need to wash your firefighter suits and armours including the treatment by special impregnation of life heat resistant suits, please see below for our referential example but please note that we have several options for an in house laundry in a fire station.


Impregnation of firefighters working suits with waterproof treatment

Drying cabinets are gentle to drying special firefighter suits (FDC)

Referential Example:

Washers: 1x FX180
Dryers:   1x DX25
Auxiliary equipment: 1x FDC6