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BW Idea 380

BW IDEA 380 – 19/21kg – Dry Cleaning

Product Features

Ideal Dry cleaning – 19/21kg, perc.

Lot of standard equipment and options available: Self cleaning base tank, dried button trap, stainless steel distiller, stainless steel distiller chamber, continuous distillation, safety air filter, 1 stainless steel re-generable 50 litre spin filter, invertor on drum on motor, solvent spillage tanks, stainless steel water tank, multisolver 19, drum isolation valves, drum back plate cleaning, refrigerator with heat pump, aeroquip in in the refrigeration unit, sound proof refrigerator, work tanks cooling, solvent filling by pump, soap pump 150cc, computer IL2 RR, valves to save water, pneumatic locks on door.

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Product Description

Loading Capacity 19/21 kg
Drum Volume 380 lt
Drum Diameter 1000 mm
Drum Depth 480 mm
Width 1480 mm
Depth 2000 mm
Height 2450 mm



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