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C2 Vantage 380

C2 VANTAGE 380 – 19/21kg – Dry Cleaning

Product Features

The C2 system

C2 stands for “Concentration Control” technique. Each hydrocarbon solvent is assigned a “Lower Explosive Limit” (”LEL”) by the manufacturer; below this limit, the concentration is always in a safe zone. The system continually monitors temperature and other operating parameters to keep concentration below the safety limit. The redundant, independent parameter monitoring system uses two sensors at each test location and sends data to both the machine computer and an independent PC.

Lot of standard equipment and options available: ‘Inlook’ loading door, Self cleaning base tank, Self cleaning stainless steel base tank, stainless steel waiting tank, dried button trap, stainless steel distiller, vacuum pump, safety air filter, stainless steel re-generable spin filter, 1 mini cartridge filter, invertor on drum on motor, solvent spillage tank, separator tank stainless steel, refrigerator with heat pump, aeroquip in in the refrigeration unit, sound proof refrigerator, water solvent cooling, solvent filling by pump, soap pump 150cc, computer IL3 AD, integrated modem, built in C2 control system, automatic drying control, valves to save water, pneumatic locks on door, microswitches on maintenance doors.

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Product Description

Loading Capacity 19/21 kg
Drum Volume 380 lt
Drum Diameter 1000 mm
Drum Depth 480 mm
Width 2030 mm
Depth 1600 mm
Height 2386 mm



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