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IPURA 440/S – 16/18kg – Dry Cleaning

Product Features

IPURA is the machine for dry cleaning working with aliphactic hydrocarbon or silicone solvent at low environmental impact that simplifies your daily activity allowing you to work in a cleaner environment.

Innovative, patented cleaning process is carried out without immersion and without extraction of the load thanks to the injection technique with name “Jet Clean” which ensures quality by respecting materials. It is possible to clean efficaciously and gently even garments ‘at risk’, i.e. Wheeled, coated, resin and garments with several accessories and finishing.

No anchoring to the floor or connection to an external steam source. The drying is realized by heat pump only without any additional heater, while, since there is no still, sludge is only found in the filter elements, which are easy and quick to replace. By this way they are dramatically reduced water and power consumption and overall energy requirement results very low.

The dirt removed from the garments being separated and distributed to different areas of the machine, the last of which is the cartridge filter thus getting long life. This arrangement reduces very much the amount of sludge to be disposed, consequently the associated costs are cut. The other areas where dirt accumulates are managed in a simple and sure way by the operator punctually warned by the Touch Screen computer about necessary maintenances to do.

The main cleaning phases are called static and dynamic injection through which the distribution, absorption and dispersion, conditions take place allowing the garments cleaning. The garments submitted to the process result soft, bright and with very reduced textile residues. The excellent solvent quality is guaranteed by sequence of the following phases: dispersion, precipitation, filtration, decantation and adsorption.

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Product Description

Loading Capacity 17.5 kg
Drum Volume 440 lt
Drum Diameter 1000 mm
Drum Depth 560 mm
Width 1720 mm
Depth 1600 mm
Height 2180 mm



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