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MB70 – 70kg – 360Gfactor

Graphitronic programmer 25
Large drain valves 26
Medical barrier washers 27

Product features

Standard Graphitronic® microprocessor

Oversized frame, bearings and drum

Large drain valve

Standard drum with 2 pockets (Pullmann)

Option drum with 3 pockets (Y)

PowerWash® peforated chamber walls

Easy access to all parts

Freestanding, high spin



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Product Description

Capacity 70 kg
G-Factor 360
Drum volume 700 l
Drum diameter 1000 mm
Frequency controlled motor standard
Standard wash speed 36 rpm
Max. spin speed 800 rpm
Stainless steel drum standard
Electrical heating 54 kW
Water inlet 3×1,5 + 1×3/4 inch
Dimensions (H×W×D) 1805×2025×1615 mm
Packed dimensions (H×W×D) 1982×2100×1740 mm
Net weight 2600 kg
Gross weight 2760 kg


Stainless steel cabinet standard
Steam high pressure heating 6-8 bar
Electrical connection 3×380-480V 50/60Hz, 3×220-240V 50/60Hz
Volume (packed) 7,3 m3
Water consumption of cold/hot water per load (60°C programme without prewash) 783/196 l
Water consumption per 1 kg of load 14,0 l
Steam inlet 1 inch
Compressed air inlet 1/4 inch
Drain 126 mm
Number of loading doors 1
Number of unloading doors 1
Number of pockets standard 2/optional 3
Graphitronic® microprocessor programmer standard


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