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P88 Collar & Cuff – Presses Automatic

Product Features

Ghidini automatic presses are easily operated thanks to their pneumatic systems.

They feature new higher power pressing, fully adjustable, and a variety of bucks for specialist applications. The wide opening bucks facilitate both the pressing operation and the use of the steam iron.

Operation of the press head may be controlled by pedals ( AP version), in order to leave the operator’s hands free. In this case, to ensure operator safety, a safe-hands protection frame is fitted to the press head.

Alternatively, the head of the press may be controlled by two buttons (AB version), which have to be pushed simultaneously. The presses are available either completely self-contained with built-in electric and automatic steam boiler, vacuum and compressor unit as required, or for central supplies operation.

The P 87 has a faster lowering action than P 88, and is particularly suitable for rapid service dry-cleaning shops, press centres and clothing industry.

Furthermore P87 is equipped with a shading device controlled by a lever that allows the press head to be lowered without pressing it on the lower buck: in this way it is possible to steam and vacuum the clothes without pressing them.


Product Description

Voltage 400V-3ph-50Hz

Water Feeding


Boiler drain


Vacuum outlet

Ø 60 mm

Steam working pressure

4 – 5 bar

Air working pressure 6-7 Bar
Air consumption 40 L/min

Steam consumption

12-20 KG/H

Pump motor

0,75 HP

Vacuum motor

0,60 HP

Compressor motor 2.00HP

Boiler heater

10-12-15-18 kW

Overall dimensions

1370 x 1080 x 1250 mm

Net weight

292 Kg

Gross weight (carton pallet)

342 Kg

Packing dimensions

1440 x 1110 x 1410 mm


2,71 m3



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