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Vapour GB

VAPOUR GB – Steaming Ironing Table

Product Features

• Steaming and vacuum finishing table with electrically heated board, controlled by a thermostat.

• Built-in electric steam boiler.

• Automatic water feeding.

• Water pump.

• Designed for the connection of two arms.


Available options upon request

• Swinging arm with suction and heated sleeve shape

• Swinging arm with suction and heated egg shape

• Swinging arm with suction and spotting shape

• Steam-air gun

• Steam gun

• Steam iron assembly for second iron

• Water spray with support

• Water spray on the steam iron

• Lighting

• Sliding trolley with balancer

• Sliding trolley with balancer and lighting

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Product Description



Boiler Heater

7-10-12-15 kW

Iron Heater

0,830 kW

Pump Motor

0,8 HP

Suction Motor

0,6 HP

Steam Pressure

4,5 bar

Water Inlet

ø 3/8”

Boiler Exhaust

ø 90 mm

Boiler Drain

ø 1/2”

Board dimensions (Stand)

1200 x 400 x 250 mm

Overall dimensions (Stand)

1500 x 640 x 1100 mm

Net weight

155 Kg

Gross weight (carton-pallet)

179 Kg

Packing dimensions

1880 x 680 x 1270 mm



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